Frederick Pinto
LL.L., LL.B., LL.M., G.C.

My name is Fred, and I’ve been an IP, technology, and transactional lawyer and entrepreneur for over 15 years. My life’s work is helping innovative entrepreneurs build, grow and exit their businesses safely. Over the course of my career, I’ve discovered that ideal exits are rare, and require preparation. That’s why I created Fit to Exit: so that every entrepreneur can have the tools and strategies needed to design their own ideal exit safely and effectively. I know you have a bigger picture you’re working toward. Let’s get you fit to exit so you can realize it!

I’ll be your primary instructor in the Fit to Exit course, and I’ll be joined by a world-class team of guest instructors including:

  • elite lawyers,
  • certified business valuators,
  • tax experts,
  • life-planning professionals,
  • venture capitalists and investors, and
  • successful entrepreneurs,

all here to take on every challenge you could possibly have in designing your ideal exit so that you and your dreams can finally be at the heart of the process. Check out our team here. 

To your exit, 

Fred and the Fit to Exit Team

Your guest instructors are…

Christopher Young, PhD

Understanding Company Valuations

A seasoned, expert business valuator and business school professor, Chris will teach you how to reverse-engineer valuation methods to increase the value of your business… sometimes without increasing your sales.

Mike Smikun, Cofounder

Becoming Fit to Influence

Drawing from his experience arguing and settling many landmark cases in US history, Mike will teach you the art of quickly influencing outcomes in the kind of high-stakes crises that are both almost inevitable and also liable to derail the best laid exit plans.


Sean Callagy, Cofounder

Achieving Exponential Growth

A true legal and business pioneer, founder of Callagy Law, and creator of the UNBLINDED sales formula, Sean imparts sales and influence insights he has used to scale multiple 8-figure businesses.

Brian Gray

Liquidation Planning

A nationally renowned tax expert, Brian will teach you how to structure your business for an exit—and benefit from the massive tax windfalls that can come as a result.

Dan Geltrude

The Tax Efficient Mindset

Dubbed “America’s Accountant” on major news networks, Dan imparts useful tips and distinctions to build the financial architecture of a business that’s in line with a quality exit strategy.