What is Fit to Exit ?

What is Fit to Exit?

Multiple studies show that entrepreneurs are in business to pursue their passion, and to be their own boss.

But a business quickly takes on a life of its own. What started off as a freedom move often turns into an all-consuming, exhausting grind.

The good news? Every business owner ends up exiting their business one day. Whether it’s via a transfer to family or key employees, selling to a partner, investor, or competitor, or even an unfortunate insolvency event … business exits are inescapable. One way or another, you will exit your business one day.

The bad news? Statistically, very few business owners end up with an ideal exit: one that maximizes enterprise value, and creates the lifestyle shift they really want.

This raises the most important question in any business journey:


Which exit are you headed for?

Exits come in many shapes and sizes.

Which exit type is uniquely suited to your particularly case? And what, exactly, does it take to create it?

That’s the tactical knowledge this program delivers.

In our experience, the best way to achieve an ideal exit is to create it yourself.

Not having a clear and realistic exit strategy means abdicating power over the process to someone, or something, outside your control.

We know this for certain: Your exit will come.
The question is: Will it be the right one for you?

Enter Fit to Exit.

Fit to Exit is a multidisciplinary program designed by experienced professionals to expertly guide you toward designing, and preparing for, an ideal business exit, as quickly and safely as possible.

We’ve taken decades of combined knowledge and experience in guiding clients toward successful exits and distilled it into an easy-to-follow program we call Fit to Exit.

The program offers a step-by-step process that helps you create a clear, actionable Exit Map you’ll be able to follow all the way to your ideal exit.

Our three offerings

Fit to Exit Accelerated

This is our accelerated program for those who want to benefit from our exit planning concepts and tools, in as little time as possible. It includes:

  • Fourteen (14) short video lessons, covering all the basics on designing an ideal exit strategy and enhancing your business’ exit-readiness;
  • Two coaching calls with one of our trained “Exit Coaches”, all of whom are licensed attorneys;
  • Bonus video clips from our interviews with professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs;
  • Exit Map template and “F.I.R.E.” Exit-Readiness Checklist;
  • Our Basic Legal Templates Package, which includes templates for: Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Circumvention Agreements, IP Assignment Forms, and basic Service and Employment Agreements. 

Fit to Exit Flagship Program

This is our full program, for any business owner ready to seriously commit to creating their ideal business exit in the next 18 to 60 months. It includes:

  • Our full online program, consisting of over sixty (60) videos, with in-depth treatments on everything you need to know to design an exit strategy and enhancing your business’ exit-readiness;
  • Three (3) coaching calls with one of our trained “Exit Coaches”, all of whom are licensed attorneys, and one (1) call with a Senior Exit Coach;
  • Full video interviews with professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs;
  • Our Exit Map template and “F.I.R.E.” Exit-Readiness Checklist;
  • Our Digital Data Room Template;
  • Our Ideal Exit Term Sheet Template;
  • Our Advanced Legal Templates Package, which includes templates for: Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Circumvention Agreements, IP Assignment Forms, Service and Employment Agreements, License Agreements, Distribution Agreements, and Stock Option Plan Deal Points.

Fit to Exit Elite

This is our elite coaching package, which includes full access to our Flagship Program, in addition to sixteen (16) weekly coaching calls over a four-month period. 

Calls alternate between individual calls with one of our trained Exit Coaches (one of whom will be assigned to each Elite student, and who will follow you throughout the program duration to ensure completion of your Exit Map), and group masterminds with Fred Pinto. 

Elite cohorts are limited to a maximum of twelve (12) students to ensure accountability and hands-on attention to each student.

We also offer a “White Glove Exit Strategy” package for select candidates. 

Our White Gloves – Exit Strategy package includes everything full access to our Flagship Program, but we will also personally design your ideal exit strategy directly for you over a 12-week period. 

The Exit Strategy deliverable consists in five (5) calls every two weeks (along with some light extra assignments or requests for information from you in between), and culminates in the delivery of a written Exit Strategy Memorandum, customized to you and your business. This document also comes with a preliminary assessment of the important issues you should focus on from an exit-readiness perspective. 

This package is subject to an initial screening interview call to ensure it is the right package for you, and that the “fit” is strong between the participant and the program. 

The Fit to Exit program is comprised of two general modules, each broken down into a number of lessons and exercises:

I.  Designing an Ideal Exit Strategy

An exit strategy is simply a clear series of steps to logically go from where you are today, to closing an exit transaction that delivers on your life goals.

Lessons and Exercises included in the Ideal Exit Strategy module:

  1. Defining your Exit’s “Big Why”
  2. Identifying your Ideal Exit Type
  3. Understanding what drives your Key Exit Player
  4. Articulating a Realistic Valuation Path
  5. Creating a Self-Replacement Plan
  6. Crafting a realistic Critical Exit Path
  7. Goal-Stacking Along your Critical Exit Path

II.  Achieving Exit-Readiness

Exit-readiness refers to the extent to which your business is adequately prepared for the exit process defined in your exit strategy.

The Exit-Readiness module includes:

  1. Designing Exit-Ready Core Partnership Agreements
  2. Achieving Tax Efficiency
  3. Securing Your Strategic Intellectual Property
  4. Legally Acquiring Data and Information
  5. Designing Exit-Grade Commercial Agreements
  6. Achieving Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  7. Cultivating an Industry Presence
  8. Building and Organizing Your Digital Data Room
  9. Designing Your Ideal Exit’s Term Sheet


The result of this process is that your business will be in the best shape it’s ever been, and you will be better positioned to turn the vision you have for your life’s next chapter into a reality.

You haven’t worked this hard to leave the most important part of your entrepreneurial journey – your eventual exit – up to chance, or control by outside forces. 

Take control and start creating your ideal exit today.

Letizia Alto

“Fred has a gift of re-inserting the human aspect into business … and helping entrepreneurs align their personal and professional dreams to create the ideal exit.”

Adriana Montes

“Frederick is like a business surgeon and oncologist!”

Christopher Young

“I’ve worked with Fred Pinto and the team at Fit to Exit many times. The team at Fit to Exit is exceptional and puts their heart and soul into helping the business owner maximize share value, psychological value, and helps you align your personal and professional values. If you want to gain a holistic perspective on how best to leverage your business and maximize exit value which puts money in your pocket, while at the same time helps you align a future of meaning, then spend time with the Fit to Exit team.”

Peter Kim

“Working with the Fit to Exit team has absolutely changed the way I operate and, frankly, enjoy my business. Their help with my business structure has created so much clarity around what was once such a source of confusion.”

Fit to Exit is a step-by-step program designed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, for accelerating toward and getting ready for high-quality business exits.

After your purchase, you can expect an onboarding call where our team will personally walk you through the steps of your selected program. Each of our proprietary programs comes with a series of instructional of videos, course materials, legal templates and checklists, and in-person coaching calls. Please consult our description of each program for details.

We hope to see you on the inside!


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